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Ultraviolet Disinfection

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection is increasing in popularity for potable and recycled water disinfection.              

A key feature of UV Disinfection is the ability to easily inactive protozoan pathogens resistant to chlorine and chloramines, as well as avoid disinfection by-products and issues with chemical disinfectants. 



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UV System Case Study



Figure 1. Orica Watercare's UV non-contact system


Figure 2. Orica Watercare's UV non-contact system

Orica Watercare's UVTA systems are a unique UV technology in that the UV lamps are housed outside of the flow path. Fluids are passed through UV transparent flow tubes surrounded by UV lamps. 

This ‘non-contact' technology provides a number of distinct advantages resulting in improved system efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Performance can be further assured in knowing our designs and system kill rates have been independently validated by the latest USA EPA standards.





Chemical disinfectants are evaluated based on residual disinfection, however dose for UV reactors cannot be measured as simply. Orica has recently undergone an extensive program, where the pathogen reduction capability of Orica's UV reactors have been validated in accordance with the USEPA 2003 and 2006 UV Disinfection Guidance Manual protocols and the NWRI 2003 guideline document for water, recycled water and wastewater treatment applications.


Recycled Water Applications


Municipal wastewater reuse is a large and fast growing market segment. Orica has recognized the need to capitalise on UV Disinfection as an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine. As part of a Class A water recycling facility in Victoria, Orica has recently installed a validated 5.4Ml/day UV Disinfection system.


Drinking Water Applications


Drinking water disinfection is an important application for UV Disinfection. Orica UV technology is playing a particularly increasing role in remote areas where water distribution networks are not commercially viable. A good example of Orica's involvement in providing decentralized water treatment solutions is evidenced in a 2007 project, where we installed numerous UV Disinfection systems across Australia in remote schools.

Figure 2 shows an Orica UV system. The system is completely secure, can be easily relocated and is operator friendly.



















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